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Healthy Eating – Benefits

December 28, 2021


When we think about heart disease, type two diabetes, or high blood pressure, your eating pattern plays an important role in your chances of developing any of these conditions. With healthy eating, your chances of these medical outcomes and even some types of cancer will be lowered. You can’t change your DNA, but you can change your intake, your output, and to some extent, your environment. Good nutrition matters, and it’s essential to be healthy across your lifespan. Individuals with healthy eating patterns live longer. And for those with current lifestyle related medical conditions, eating healthy can help manage these conditions and prevent complications. Fewer than 1 in 10 children and adults eat enough vegetables, and fewer than 1 in 7 adults eat enough fruit. Over time, these chronic deficits can have a negative effect on our bodies, which is why it is essential to incorporate nutrient rich foods in your daily life.

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