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Heart Failure – Discharge



Let's talk about what to do after discharge after a heart attack. After a heart attack, you most likely had a stent placement or had a surgery. It's very important that when you get home, maintain healthy lifestyle habits, try to reduce stress as much as possible, make sure you are compliant with your medications, specifically if you're on blood thinners, if you miss a dose don't panic and don't double up, just continue taking your medications on a regular schedule. If you develop any symptoms of chest pain, please notify your doctor because it could mean there's a problem with one of the stents. Make sure to do light exercise. Usually after a heart attack, within a couple of days, you should be allowed to have light activity. And oftentimes you're enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Avoid stressful situations. Make sure you get adequate amount of sleep. Make sure you drink enough water. Make sure to get plenty of sunlight and make sure to follow up with your doctor within one to two weeks.

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