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Hematoma – Treatment

February 17, 2021


Treatment of a hematoma depends on its size, location and cause. Some hematomas may require no treatment all while some may be deemed as a surgical emergency requiring urgent drainage. Simple therapies at home may be utilized in the management of superficial hematomas. Most superficial injuries and bruises respond well to rest, icing, compression and elevation. This is easily remembered by the acronym RICE. These measures help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Pain from hematomas can often be severe, but usually responds well to over the counter pain medication. Large hematomas that cause pressure symptoms usually require surgical drainage. If an underlying condition or a cause exists that increases the risk of bleeding, then its correction or treatment may also be a necessary step in treating hematomas. For example, if a person is on blood thinners and develops a hematoma, then the treating doctor may opt to discontinue with the blood thinners or even reverse that action depending on individual clinical situation.

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