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Hemorrhage – Causes

February 27, 2021


The causes of bleeding are manifold. Causes include traumatic bleeding after an injury, for example, head injury due to a ruptured blood vessel in the protective layer of the brain, medical conditions like hemophilia, leukemia, liver disease, and vitamin deficiencies can also cause bleeding. And so can medications prescribed or over the counter. These over the counter medication include, for example, ibuprofen, herbals and supplements like vitamin E, garlic, Ginko, and echinacea. Medication prescribed by your doctor to keep your blood thin like aspirin, Plavix and warfarin can unfortunately also cause bleeding, especially in a connection with an injury. When using these blood thinners, the patient should be extra careful to avoid injury and always report any injury to their physician. There are many conditions. These include genetic conditions that can predispose a patient to bleeding. These include, for example, hemophilia, [?], protein C and S deficiencies and platelet abnormalities. Many medical procedures require cutting off the skin or tissue. Some bleeding, therefore, is almost always involved. However, surgical techniques and instruments are so advanced that major bleeding is usually not anticipated. However, with any procedure, unexpected circumstances can lead to severe bleeding during surgery, many techniques like blood salvage and blood transfusions are available to aid in treating blood loss in these circumstances.

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