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Hemorrhoids – Complications

May 31, 2021


Hemorrhoids can be chronic and often painful, but only in rare circumstances do any complications result from having them. You may, for example, get a chance of bleeding hemorrhoids caused by a blood clot rupturing inside your hemorrhoids. In patients with persistent bleeding, anemia may develop. You may also find that you have skin tags, which are flaps of excess tissue that hang from the skin after a bout of hemorrhoids. A rare, but most painful condition or complication that can result from hemorrhoids is triangulated hemorrhoids. This is where the muscles inside the anus contract and cut off the blood supply to a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid. One other complication may be a blood clot forming inside a hemorrhoid or what we call a thrombosed hemorrhoid. While this is not a dangerous development, it is often extremely painful and your doctor may decide to incise and drain it if the pain becomes excessive.

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