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Hypertension – Follow-Up



Following up with your doctor on your blood pressure depends on several issues. This includes how high your blood pressure is, how quickly you’re able to make changes according to your doctor’s management plan, health conditions you may have, as well as other factors. If your blood pressure is high, your doctor may recommend you change your diet, exercise regimen, and / or make medication changes. These changes may take several days to weeks to fully take effect. Thus, you should follow up with your doctor with your blood pressure readings generally within several weeks. However, if your blood pressure is extremely high, such as above 160 over 100, or if you have severe medical conditions such as heart failure or a recent stroke, you should follow up with your doctor in a matter of days rather than weeks, to make sure your blood pressure is going in the right direction. The follow-up process for high blood pressure may vary from office to office. So you should consult your doctor for specific recommendations on next steps if your blood pressure is high.

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