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IBS – Lifestyle Changes

November 1, 2021


As I said before, it’s uncommon that any of our treatments are going to get you all the way to a hundred percent, but there are a bunch of things you can do in basic self care that will help you feel better day to day. First, figure out if you’re lactose intolerant. A lot of people are lactose or gluten intolerant. and to test that, you can either try taking Lactaid before you eat dairy, or you could try to eliminate gluten from your diet and see if that helps you feel better. There’s also things you can do to improve your vagal nerve tone. So what that means is things that people do that make them feel well. A lot of things that are in the wellness movement, like yoga, stretching, meditation, these actually all do increase vagal nerve tone, and we can see that in changes in your heart rate. And what that does is that decreases your body’s sensitivity to pain and makes you tolerate it a lot better.

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