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IBS – Psychiatric Therapy

November 1, 2021


Lastly, a lot of people do find that therapy, particularly therapy with a psychiatrist or a psychologist, can be very helpful in this. What that allows you to do is find ways to deal with pain. And this is something that we’ve learned from a variety of different conditions, where there isn’t a ton that we can do to help the underlying problem, finding ways to kind of train your mind and train your body to accept and move past that allows you to live your life even though this is still going on. And while I wouldn’t argue that we should just accept that it’s going to happen and that it’s okay, while we’re still working on cures and new treatments, you still have to live. And so these are the things that can help you go about your day on a day-to-day basis and live your life even while this is still happening.

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