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Innate Immunity & Taste Receptors



Some of the specific things about innate immunity that protect us are things like mucus production. Whenever you get a cold and you get a snotty nose or congested, oftentimes that's mucus congestion or mucus production, which actually helps to prevent and to dilute upper respiratory infections and help you from getting a more severe illness. In the nose specifically, we study inflammatory conditions and certain types of receptors that help to protect yourselves. We studied rats and Guinea pigs and things like that, where they use these types of cells to protect themselves, more so than we do, because obviously they're less picky about what they eat and they don't have food processing that helps protect them. They still go around their environment and smell things, or taste it before they'll actually eat it. And so a lot of these receptors are actually more important in those types of rodents.

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