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Knee Replacement – Aseptic Loosening Symptoms

February 11, 2021


The most common symptom of aseptic loosening is a patient who's had their knee replacement in typically for a number of years, at least more than three to five years, and have increasing discomfort or pain, especially when they first stand up. We call this syndrome start-up pain. So it's very common that the patient can be sitting down for a period of time and go to stand up and suddenly have a jolt of pain in their knee. And then that pain seems to subside with longer walks and distances until generally about a few blocks or so, or maybe 10 or 15 minutes of walking, and then the pain, again, increases. This start-up pain is due to the fact that the cement bond is no longer viable and bonding to the bone. And it's causing this reaction that when you first stand up, there's a minute change and suddenly the processes will shift, causing that discomfort. And then with the first few steps, it starts to settle into a period where it's actually no longer that motion and that motion is no longer causing that pain. And therefore you can complete more and more steps without as much discomfort. This start-up pain is a very characteristic symptom of aseptic loosening of the component.

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