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Low Testosterone – Causes

February 20, 2021


Mens' testosterone declines just as a portion or just as attributable by aging. However, things like smoking, obesity, stress, poor sleep, maybe even lack of exercise. Testosterone can fall more rapidly. There are a variety of causes of low testosterone. They range from sort of obvious things like loss of the testicles for because of surgery or a severe infection. Since testosterone is principally produced in the testicles, that's a likely explanation for low testosterone in those patients. Certain brain tumors actually result in lower testosterone. A lot of things like circumstances surrounding person's activity level resulting in obesity, obesity alters the amount of testosterone present in the bloodstream through a process called aromatization. Chronic alcohol use is also a problem. Chronic pain medicine use is particularly associated with low testosterone. So patients who take narcotics for, say, chronic back pain, almost all of them have low testosterone. And HIV / AIDS, up to 75% of those individuals have low testosterone related somehow to the viral complex.

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