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Male Infertility – Diagnosis

November 30, 2021


Male infertility is diagnosed like many other conditions. First and foremost, you’ll need to go to your doctor to get a full medical history. This includes a physical exam. Why? We want to make sure that there’s no varicoceles, we want to make sure that your vas deferens is healthy. Next we’ll do a hormone analysis. What does that tell us? We do know that normal testosterone levels are important for normal sperm and normal sperm health. Next, what we’ll check is a semen analysis. In simple terms, it’s an analysis of your semen, and what are we looking for? Number one, the volume. Number two, we’re looking at the sperm counts. Number three, we’re looking at the sperm motility, how the sperm are moving. And finally, we’re looking at the morphology and see if they look normal. All of this will give us a complete picture in terms of whether or not you have male infertility, and if you do, it gives us a sense of which way we could go to treat this.

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