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Menopause – Cancer Treatments

February 18, 2021


Cancer treatments can definitely induce menopause. So chemotherapeutic agents are toxic to not only the cancer cells, but also the healthy cells and especially the healthy germ cells, which are in your ovary. Chemotherapy, or any cancer treatment for that matter, can impact ovarian function and cause early menopause. Chemotherapy is toxic to not only the cancer cells, but to your healthy ovarian cells. And women are only born with a certain number of eggs. We don't regenerate our eggs. We only have a certain number. And when those are damaged, one, two, three, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, that's all we've got. Men on the other hand, continue to regenerate sperm and make sperm up until seventies, eighties, up until they die. That's why we see 85, 75, 90 year old men being able to conceive babies. Unfortunately, women's ovarian function declines at menopause and the number of eggs are viable eggs, decline.

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