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Menopause – Hormone Replacement Therapy Duration

February 18, 2021


It's typically recommended that a woman remain on hormone replacement therapy for a period of five to seven years. That said, if a woman is still experiencing symptoms after five to seven years, when she's post-menopausal, I still treat patients, but at a lower dose, depending on their symptoms. We treat the patient's symptoms and not the numbers. So a woman might not be still having hot flashes and night sweats, but she's still experiencing memory changes, mood changes, low libido and weight gain. And in those cases, I will leave women on hormone replacement therapy. So again, it's individually defined, doctor defined. There are recommendations that we follow, but every woman is different. Every woman's symptoms are different. Every woman's needs are different. Every woman experiences menopause differently. And it's important that you do what's right for you, what feels right for you and that you're followed and supervised by a healthcare provider.

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