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Menopause – Meditation

February 20, 2021


"It's very easy to recommend meditation and say, go meditate. How do you meditate? And that can be really intimidating and scary, especially to Type A control freaks like me. Like the concept of laying there, quiet and saying, Oh, you know, I'd rather put pins in my eyes. So what do I do? And what, this is how I learned. I started with guided meditations on YouTube, and they have guided meditations about everything. You can do guided meditations about health, grief, loss of a loved one, finding a loved one, finding a soulmate, money, you name it. You can meditate on whatever topic, or you can just meditate about healing and transformation and flying with it, whatever it is that you could possibly think of, there are guided meditations for that. And what guided meditation is, is that you quietly listen to a person speaking, and there's typically soft music, like spa-like music. And they guide you through the process of the breath work, the thoughts, the visualizations, you know, the course of a meditative process. And they typically last anywhere between three minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, all the way up to 30 minutes or an hour, depending on what you need. But the recommendation is that you do meditation for at least 10 minutes, twice a day. Once in the morning, when you wake up to set your intention, feel gratitude and go out into the day with a positive attitude and positive direction. And then at the end of the day, reflecting on the day, reflecting on yourself, reflecting on the things that are important to you and going through the healing process. When we sleep is when our body restores and when we heal. And when we get into bed full of anxiety, anger, watching the news and, you know, watching all that's going on politically and pandemicly and anything else that may be going on in the world today or in the future when this video happens to appear, that stuff is going to inundate our minds and inundate our brains and not allow us to heal, restore and replenish. And everybody is fighting the aging process. Nobody wants to grow old. We're all doing things to prevent aging and regenerative medicine and anti-aging therapies. The number one thing that you can do to slow down the aging process is mitigate stress and meditate."

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