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Molluscum – Symptoms

December 6, 2021


Molluscum looks like little flesh colored bumps with a little dell in the middle of it. The bumps are usually no bigger than a pencil eraser. The virus loves skin folds. So it is often found in the folds of the arms and knees. You can have no symptoms other than the bumps, or it can be very itchy and have a rash. You can get other symptoms such as eczema or other rashes around the bumps. If you scratch the bumps a lot, it can cause bacteria to grow. And this can cause an infected wound. If it happens, the wound needs to be treated. Generally you do not need to seek medical attention for molluscum in otherwise healthy individuals. However, if they’re lasting a long time, if there’s a lot of them, if they’re spreading rapidly, or if there’s pain and pus, it’s important to seek medical attention. Molluscum is incredibly common. Still, there are other conditions that could look like it, including warts and even inflamed hair follicles.

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