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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Behavior

November 9, 2021


As a result of that, a person can constantly, and this is where narcissistic personality disordered individual has a lot of difficulty in their professional and personal life is that in their professional life, they constantly need to be admired and praised. And if that doesn’t happen, then they act out. And the irony of it all is that if you’re, let’s say you suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, and your boss is giving you constructive feedback. The individual with the narcissistic personality disorder will take that constructive feedback as an actual attack. And many times, instead of developing ways to help remedy their problem, they will actually act out. So example, person with a narcissistic personality disorder that has the grandiosity that is the sense of entitlement. If they’re constantly coming to work late, and their boss says, “This is not professional. This will not work.” A person without a narcissistic personality disorder will try to help remedy that situation.

Maybe it’s waking up early, or maybe it’s just taking a different route. The person with the narcissistic personality disorder, their response to that criticism will be to actually continue to come in late and maybe even come later. And when that happens, it can have the boss or the the person thinking “Well, what did I do?” It’s almost this gaslighting perspective. So that is, we know, one of the issues, one of the behavior that can be indicative of the narcissistic personality disorder. And in relationships, when being in a relationship with a narcissistic personality disordered person, is that in that relationship, that person will never, never take responsibility. And when they do apologize, it’s superficial. It’s not real. It can be a way to manipulate the individual. So again, these are ways in which the individual with narcissistic personality disorder adversely affects those around them.

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