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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Diagnosis in Children and Teenagers

November 11, 2021


Now, many parents will say, “Oh my God, I think my 12 year old, I think my 13 year old is a narcissist.” Well, we don’t give that diagnosis to children and to young teenagers, I mean, basically this is a diagnosis that we tend to give more to young adults because the reality of the matter is, children, when they’re growing up during their teenage years, their hormones are coming, they’re not really sure where they fit in with their friends, with their peers. A lot of the behavior that they exhibit may appear as if it’s a part of the personality disorder spectrum. That is not narcissistic. The key thing about narcissism is, you make that diagnosis as a older teen, young adult. You shouldn’t give that diagnosis to young kids and to to young teenagers.

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