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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Prevalence

November 3, 2021


The good thing about this is that this personality disorder is maybe 1 to 2% of the population. And also, men tend to suffer from this disorder more than females. And the good thing about dealing with narcissistic personality disorder is that once it has been actually diagnosed and identified, if a person truly wants to help themselves, heal themselves, there are modes of treatment to actually help deal with the individual with the narcissistic personality disorder. Such classic forms of treatment would be psychoanalysis, tying to give them more insight-oriented therapy, to kind of understand how their behavior adversely affects others. So I think these are all important things. And also with a narcissistic personality disordered individual, one of the things that we are concerned about is, as I said before, these are people, despite the grandiose presence that they have, these are very insecure people. Hence, these are people that tend to be very vulnerable to developing alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders. So again, as a mental health provider, may times, these people will actually come to us as a way to actually treat their actual substance use disorder.

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