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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Prevention

November 21, 2021


The best way to address this is to not necessarily blame yourself. Because this goes into the fundamental etiology of the narcissistic personality disorder. Because again, these are individuals that really don’t like themselves. And as a result of this, they manifest that dislike onto others. I think the key thing is that if you or a loved one, you suspect may have a narcissistic person disorder, is to actually reach out to that person. Talk about life events, though the way they perceive things, and then try to kind of get them to see how treatment can actually help. The key thing is not to self-hate. The key thing is to actually self-love. So by receiving the treatment, if you have a narcissistic personality disorder, this will enable you to truly enjoy and appreciate life more. It’ll enable you to appreciate your relationships. You will see more success within the work, the professional perspective, within your social perspective, because that fundamental insecurity will be addressed. So hence, that is the best way to deal with a person who has a narcissistic personality disorder. And if you feel that you have that personality disorder, the first thing is not to necessarily to punish yourself. Now is the time to heal yourself and get better insight of yourself and where you came from, getting a better understanding of those that played a role in raising you, with the goal that you can understand them better, and you can also develop empathy, which in turn will help you heal thyself.

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