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Nasal Congestion – Surgical Options

May 5, 2021


When sinusitis or polyps are not adequately managed with medications, surgery might be recommended. Similarly, when we find the cause of congestion is a deviated nasal septum and or turbinate hypertrophy or enlargement, we always try medication treatments first. This often includes saline and prescription nasal sprays like nasal steroids or anti-histamines, which can reduce swelling and increase the space to breathe. When medication therapies fail, surgery might be recommended. This often includes a septoplasty and or reduction of the size of the turbinates to widen the nasal airway internally. The bottom line is, there are numerous treatment options available for nasal congestion. But the most important step is figuring out what we're treating first, so we can individualize the treatment plan and most effectively help each patient achieve a resolution of symptoms and return to normalcy.

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