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Nasal Obstruction – Signs & Symptoms

May 5, 2021


There are many symptoms of nasal obstruction. These include: nasal blockage or obstruction, nasal congestion or stuffiness, trouble breathing through your nose, trouble sleeping, unable to breathe well during exercise or exertion, headaches, runny nose, post-nasal drip, drainage down the back of your nose, facial pain and or pressure. Anatomical factors may restrict airflow and include: enlarged adenoids, back of the nasal passage, nasal tumors, benign or cancerous, deviated nasal septum, crooked nasal cartilage, enlarged turbinates, which are bony structures within the nasal cavity, nasal valve collapse or NVC, which is weak nasal cartilage which collapses inward when a person inhales, polyps, benign growths within the nasal and sinus cavity.

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