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Nasal Polyps – Sinus Implants

November 29, 2021


During surgery, I’ll often use specific devices that help control nasal polyps. PROPEL is something that I’ll use in the sinus cavities. This is a dissolvable implant that releases topical steroid in the postoperative period. It lasts about four weeks and it controls inflammation and prevents scarring. Saline irrigations are often used after surgery with a squeeze bottle or mechanical device, like a Navage. SINUVA is an implant that I’ll often use for patients who’ve had prior surgery and polyps have recurred. This implant is placed into the sinus cavity right in the office. The implant stays in place for two to three months, and during that time period, it’s releasing steroid right in that area, shrinking and improving the polyp load. The polyps that recur can also be removed in the office using a mechanical shaver. So this is often done in my office under local anesthesia, often remove the bulk of the polyps with the shaver, and sometimes then place a SINUVA implant into the sinus cavity for long-term control.

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