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Nerve Blocks – Preparing for Procedure

December 22, 2021


If you have a peripheral nerve block, you may be awake or sedated for surgery. Sedation is usually light for some kind of surgeries and a little heavier for others. Those medications will help you relax and you feel a lot more comfortable while you’re having your surgery. We will usually look at your medical records and talk to you about the different sedation choices you may have the day of surgery. There are some questions some people will ask, “Can I have a combination of both a nerve block and general anesthesia?” And the answer is yes, but it depends on the surgical procedure and your characteristics. It also depends on your surgeon and the team that you have around that day. With developed, controlled pain for more than 24 hours after surgery, we’ll most likely not, if you just got a single injection. In that case you’ll get a prescription with some pain pills. If you get a catheter that is in your skin, that catheter is gonna provide pain control for the next two or three days as mentioned before.

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