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Pituitary Tumor – Recovery

January 26, 2022


The recovery after this, once the surgery is complete and often the surgery can be completed in 90 minutes, two hours, one hour, again, depending on the size of the tumor, the consistency of the tumor and the experience of the surgeon. But once either the endoscope is withdrawn or the surgery is a otherwise complete, the patient is usually brought to the recovery room and often it’s a same day, stay overnight, stay, it wouldn’t it be any longer, unusual in the world of pituitary surgery, particularly if the case went well and there were no complications during surgery. Most patients typically imagine that their nose will be dramatically swollen and it really will alter their physical appearance. But the reality is that except for the patient and maybe their very close family members, most people would not even know that that person had pituitary surgery, if they met somebody, say in a mall, even two days after surgery, it would be an almost unbeknownst to any observer that they had. And what would be typically considered, you know, a neurosurgical procedure, and most people, when they think of neurosurgery, they’re thinking of, you know, hospitals several days, a scars on the head. So this is an operation that’s definitely in many respects different than that.

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