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Poison Ivy – Overview

June 6, 2021


Shrub type poison ivy looks like flowers arising from an axillary position just below a point where the leaf attaches to the stem. The leaves in poison ivy have three leaflets. "Leaves of three, let them be, one, two, three, don't touch me" is a famous saying. Climbing vines of poison Ivy on an oak tree demonstrate aerial roots that anchor the vine to the tree. Close-ups of vines anchored to tree bark by fine hair like aerial roots. There's a saying also, "Hairy rope, don't be a dope," in terms of what to look poison ivy. Poison ivy also sometimes has black spots on leaflets, trauma allows urushiol to reach the surface, this is an allergen, oxidize and turn black. This is another characteristic feature with poison ivy. For poison ivy or oak plant identification, usually there are compound leaves with three leaflets.

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