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Poison Ivy – Reoccurence

May 1, 2021


The following measures can be taken to keep poison ivy from recurring or coming back. First, avoid poison ivy, being able to identify the plants and differentiate what they look like is important for prevention. Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac may all cause a severe allergic contact dermatitis. So it is important to identify them. Next, wear clothing that protects you. Long sleeves, pants, hiking boots, and gloves. Protect your skin from exposure. Wash exposed items regularly before coming into contact with them. Remove or get rid of plants or areas that are habitats for poison ivy. If your pet comes into contact with poison ivy, recommend giving it a bath and washing it prior to coming into contact with it. Clean any objects that may have been contaminated with poison ivy. Apply a barrier cream such as Vaseline petrolatum to help the skin heal and to facilitate forming an intact skin barrier so that you are less susceptible or likely to suffer from an allergic reaction.

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