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Prebiotics vs. Probiotics

May 16, 2021


Most of the people will confuse prebiotics for probiotics. The reason being prebiotics are not very well known. But the new research suggests that the prebiotics have several health benefits. So it is very important to know about them. Now, there are certain differences between prebiotics and probiotics, especially in the mode of action and also the health benefits they provide. So let’s talk about them. So what are probiotics? The probiotics are a collection of good bacteria that make up the microbiome in our body. We have trillions of bacteria that live in our gut, mainly in the large intestine part of our body. Now, these probiotics have several health benefits. Like they help with digestion. They help with your immunity. They also help with the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. So probiotics are really very important for your health. What are prebiotics? Prebiotics are modified fiber that are fuel for your probiotics.

Now this modified fiber is not able to be digested by your gut, but your probiotics can break this prebiotic fiber down into amino acids. And these amino acids have several health benefits. These amino acids promote the growth of the gut lining. They help in the healing of your gut and they keep your gut health in good shape. So basically prebiotics are the food for your good bacteria, which is your probiotic. And this good bacteria, by working on your prebiotics, generates amino acids, which are healing for your gut health. So you see, both prebiotics and probiotics are important for your gut health.

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