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Precision Nutrition – Overview

September 28, 2021


So Hippocrates who’s considered the ancient Greek father of medicine is quoted as saying, “Let thy food be medicine.” And precision nutrition is essentially our modern day approach to understanding the answer to the question, “What should I eat in order to be healthy? What should I eat in order to have healthy aging?” The answer to that question involves a number of things, including a study of a person’s genetics, a study of a person’s circadian rhythms, the influence on the person’s biochemistry of the food that they eat. An extremely important subject in precision nutrition is looking at the quality of what’s called the microbiome. So that is the hundred thousand or more organisms, micro organisms, that we all have in our intestines that are incredibly important in the digestion of food and achieving our nutritional status. Also, our nutrition that we take in influences our microbiome. So it’s a truly back and forth relationship and it needs to be understood in order for there to be a holistic approach, combining the genetics, the diet, and the microbiome and other experiences like where you live and what access to food you have because of your socioeconomic circumstances. All of that together gets analyzed and pulled into an approach, which we call precision nutrition.

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