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Psoriasis – Curable

February 27, 2021


Is psoriasis incurable? Are symptoms just managed or cured? The psoriasis cure can be very possible in some cases while not in others. Nowadays, most individuals living with psoriasis can achieve clear and nearly clinic clear skin and resolution of systemic symptoms, such as joint disease and cirrhotic arthritis. Our goal as dermatologists is to show you how to get rid of psoriasis so that you can have an excellent quality of life and be able to successfully do everything you want to do. At the beginning of a flare, regular use of treatment options is sometimes necessary to control your disease. However, once it is well controlled, sometimes only regular or intermittent maintenance therapy, usually at a lower frequency, is needed. While it is never a dermatologist's intent to keep you on medications for no reason, it is much worse to discontinue all treatments and then end up with no tools to address your symptoms as well as a really bad flare. Patients should follow general skin care recommendations as they're important, and an overall treatment regimen. Psoriasis has a chronic and relapsing nature, so there is a need for maintenance therapy, even in disease remission, and when symptoms appear to be under good control. Classifying psoriasis into different subtypes and disease severities, mild, moderate, and severe helps to guide therapeutic intervention and to monitor clinical response to treatment.

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