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Psoriatic Arthritis – Symptoms

November 19, 2021


Psoriasis causes white scaly rashes involving scalp, elbows, knees, and other areas. If you develop psoriatic arthritis, you will have painful and swollen joints. The joints are warm to touch. You will not be able to move your joint due to significant swelling and pain. The symptoms of psoriatic arthritis usually starts gradually. There is significant variation on the number of joints and the type of joints involved. A typical form of psoriatic arthritis causes significant swelling of the digits, which is described as sausage digits. The other variety of psoriatic arthritis could cause symptoms like rheumatoid arthritis, where you have significant swelling of bilateral small hand and feet joints. Some of you could also get chronic low back pain due to inflammation in the low back joint called sacroiliac joint. Recurrent inflammation of multiple tendon areas could present with tendonitis, for example, Achilles tendonitis, and recurrent plantar fasciitis. Many of you could get nail changes with pitting, brittle nails and even peeling off off the nails. And untreated psoriatic arthritis could also cause significant joint damage and deformities. In rare instances, you could also have inflammation in other organs, most common being the eyes.

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