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Radiology Department – After CT Scan



After the CAT scan is performed, the images will be sent to a radiologist for interpretation. That radiologist will get a report out and send it to your doctor. Now there's a couple of ways that this could happen. If you're in the emergency room and you're getting a CAT scan, say, for very severe abdominal pain, you'll get your results right away. Because the ER doctor is going to order that as what we call a stat exam, which means that the radiologist will usually report those in under 30 minutes. If it's not a stat exam, so an outpatient procedure, maybe something routine, then you might wait a while, say one to two days, in order for your doctor to get the results of the CAT scan. Either way inquire with your physician as to what the results are, and if you have an electronic or online patient portal, you can always look up the report there also.

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