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Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery – Overview

July 26, 2021


Robotic surgery is the latest technology that we have available in total knee replacement. Robotics is not something new, but what is new is the ability to be able to use robotics to make a knee replacement better. What robotic does is it brings precision and accuracy to our already very good surgery. It is a tool that as a surgeon helps you to do a better job. What it does, it helps you to balance the knee, realign the leg, size your components properly in a way that is much more precise than that technology that was available prior. Today, we have the opportunity to do a big part of the surgery virtually before we even make any incision. With a CT scan, where we can 3d anatomy we’re able to precisely do parts of the surgery that otherwise will have to be done during the surgery. The other part that’s very interesting is the use of a robotic arm. The robotic arm helps to precisely cut the femur, the tibia, the patella, in a way that the interface between the implant and the bone is perfect. Robotics is a very important tool that makes a knee replacement a more accurate surgery.

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