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Sinusitis – Complications

May 30, 2021


Complications of any surgery range from mild complications obviously to devastating complications. The good news is, sinus surgery techniques have gotten so good today and the technology we use and the imaging technology and the camera technology we use gives us a great picture of the sinuses while we're operating. So devastating complications of sinus surgery, while reported, are very rare. Minor complications from sinus surgery would include minor bleeding after surgery that does not need any specific intervention, but you certainly can have some minor bleeding after surgery. Infections after sinus surgery are quite rare, but certainly a person can have an infection after sinus surgery. Sinus surgery occurs near the eye and near the brain. The most feared complications from sinus surgery are injuries to the eye and the brain. Again, the good news is that's extremely rare today, but can happen. And a person does have to be aware that we are operating within close proximity to those structures.

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