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Sinusitis – Post Surgery

May 5, 2021


Once the week has gone by, you'll come into my office and you'll usually have several stitches that I'll need to remove and I'll take the spacers out. And that day is a big day for most patients. You'll be able to breathe much better than you have in a really long time. And we'll do a little suctioning to clean the sinuses out. Then it's a lot of TLC for the sinuses. Over the next several months, the sinuses continue to heal. And the healing process involves a lot of cleaning to keep the sinuses healthy and heading in the right direction. Part of that involves coming into the office, being sprayed with a topicalizing numbing agent, and then using various suctions to go in and clean the sinuses, using my nasal endoscope to look into the sinuses while we're doing this. This is usually performed at one week after surgery, two weeks later, and then maybe a month or so later. And as time goes on, our visits we can spread more and more apart. Typically it takes approximately two months for the sinuses to completely heal on the inside, but you'll start feeling much better before that.

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