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Sinusitis – Risk Factor

June 7, 2021


Risk factors for increased complications in those areas are certainly at the extent of the disease, whether it's been erosion of bone around those structures and whether those structures are already bulging into the nasal passage or so sinus passages to begin with, and obviously the comfort level of the surgeon doing sinus surgery. There can be a brain fluid leak after sinus surgery if there is a hole in the bone that separates the sinus from the brain, and sometimes that needs to be patched. Mostly if there is a spinal fluid leak, it is recognized during the surgery, then it is fixed at the time of surgery and there is no harmful sequellae from that. Sometimes it's not recognized at the time of surgery and you have persistent watery drip from the nose after the surgery in which case it's then identified later, and similarly, then you would need another surgery to go and patch that area that's leaking.

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