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Sinusitis – Treatment

May 30, 2021


Treatments for sinusitis will range from medical treatments to surgical treatments. What are the medical treatments? If it is determined that you have an acute sinus infection, the treatment will be primarily antibiotics. There are specific antibiotics that are used for sinus infections, and sinus infections typically do not respond to short courses of antibiotics. Typically, we want to treat sinus infections for two weeks, rather than the five to seven days that you can treat some other conditions with. If antibiotics are not working, sometimes in addition, we may use nasal steroid sprays to help reduce inflammation. If there’s an allergic component, anti-histamines orally and intranasally in a nasal spray form. Oral steroids are often used, as in a short burst to reduce inflammatory conditions in the nose. Some of the other treatments that are employed for sinus conditions are intra-nasal lavash or washing the nose out with a saline solution. So there are multiple things on the market today. Some are more passive, some have a little bit more power to them, the way they’re used to wash the nose and sinuses out. And that’s a very, very useful treatment option to remove irritants and to flush the sinuses and yields very good results to reduce symptoms of sinusitis in patients.

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