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Sleep Tips – Pain and Sleep

October 30, 2020


Some people will come to me and say they can’t sleep throughout the night. And when I asked the simple question “why,” they tell me something hurts, it may be a shoulder. It may be a hip. It may be their back. And I would really encourage you to go find out what it is and treat it appropriately. Treating pain to help you sleep at night is actually a very good reason to treat pain. Almost all pains are actually worsened at night. And so some things interrupting you such as pain in your hip, It’s worth treating it because sleep is so important. And a lot of times people tell me, well, it’s just pain. I can just make it through it’s all right. If I took a Tylenol would just be treating the pain and that’s not really necessary. I’m tough. But in fact, if you can’t sleep well, the rest of your functioning doesn’t work well either. And that actually would interrupt and prevent the healing process. So there’s no point in being a tough guy here. It’s not that the pain is such a terrible thing and not treating it as such a terrible thing, but it would be if you wouldn’t allow you to function in other ways, so you actually get in the way of your own healing. So treating pain is important.

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