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Spinal Anesthesia – Preparing for Procedure

December 22, 2021


Like in any other surgery, an intravenous catheter should be placed. This intravenous catheter is gonna help us give you medication, keep you hydrated, also as a mean of access in case there is a reaction to any of the medications we give you. We’ll apply monitors to your chest to check on your heart rate. We’ll check on your oxygen level and we’ll check on your blood pressure. You may have a mask with oxygen to keep your oxygen level high, as we give you medication to help you relax. We’ll give you some sedatives to make you more comfortable. If you’re receiving a spinal for labor, as I mentioned in a different video, then no sedatives will be given to you, and the oxygen mask may not be required. In cases where patients are extremely anxious, then we give a little bit of sedative, but not commonly. The reason for that is we wanna make sure that you, the mother, are able to remember the delivery and bonding of your baby.

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