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Swimmer’s Ear – Treatment

April 28, 2021


Treatment involves cleaning of infected debris from the ear canal by an ENT specialist, antibiotic ear drops, and dry ear precautions. One can help prevent these types of infections by avoiding the use of Q-tips and other instruments inside the ears. For those who suffer recurrent, infections using ear plugs while swimming or bathing and using alcohol-based drops after swimming or bathing can be helpful. Otitis externa can become a chronic condition. A common cause is eczema or seborrheic dermatitis of the ear canal. Sufferers from this condition have itchy irritated ears and often feel compelled to scratch the ear canals with Q-tips or other implements. This itch scratch cycle tends to exacerbate the problem and can result in acute infection. Treatment of all strict dry ear precautions, avoiding scratching the ear, and the use of steroid and/or antibiotic drops or creams in the ear.

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