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Teeth Whitening – Candidates

January 25, 2022


Nobody really needs tooth whitening. But really, when you’re looking at somebody’s smile, you automatically make some assumptions when their smile is nice, bright, and white. If somebody has a nice bright smile, we automatically think they’re healthy. If somebody has a yellow smile, you think they’re sick. So going for a job interview, going on a date, you know, that first impression really matters. Teeth whitening treatments are quite popular. We have people that come in here literally every week. Anyone is a candidate for tooth whitening. You know, it could be a teenager, it could be older adults, but you can get it once a year – it really depends on someone’s level of staining. Sometimes the enamel of the teeth can be more porous, so you can pick up stains faster, so you need to do more of a maintenance or sometimes, some people have a whitening one time and it can last for several years. It really depends on their diet.

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