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Teeth Whitening – Introduction

January 25, 2022


My name is Dr. Sanda Moldovan. I’m a periodontist and a nutritionist. What a periodontist is, is really taking care of all the surrounding tooth structures, such as the gums, the bone, the sinuses. Beverly Hills Dental, Health, and Wellness is really a hub for overall health. So we really have dentists, specialists such as endodontists, periodontists, and biological dentists, as well as chiropractors and nutritionists to help with the overall wellness, such as periodontal disease, we treat a gingival inflammation, we treat the other gingival issues such as recession. So if you see the really long teeth, then you might need a gum graft. Also, people that have cosmetic issues such as gummy smiles. For gummy smiles, we use laser procedures to be able to reveal a beautiful smile and not see all those gums.

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