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Teeth Whitening – Other Methods

January 25, 2022


Other methods of whitening teeth are, for example, tooth whitening, dentifrices, or it could be baking soda. I’m not a big fan of toothpaste or a whitening toothpaste because it can cause a lot of sensitivity, especially if you use it twice a day. For example, baking soda could be actually very good to give you like a little pick-up of your beautiful bright smile. The easiest way to use baking soda to give you a brighter smile is just to simply take the baking soda powder and sprinkle it on your toothbrush together with toothpaste or it could be by itself. Research shows that tooth whitening is safe and doesn’t hurt the enamle, although it can cause some sensitivity – this is usually transient. Teeth whitening with the more modern advancement in this process is not painful at all. However, some of the older processes can actually cause sensitivity even while you’re in the dental chair. Ask your dentist a little bit more about what kind of system do they have? Is it laser teeth whitening or is it a different system? Because every system is so different and you might want to do some research yourself about that particular system that your dentist has.

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