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The best nutrition for cancer patients

December 30, 2021


Cancer affects all aspects of your life. To prepare for what’s to come, what you put in your body is extremely important to aid your road to recovery. While receiving treatment, adjusting your eating habits can help support your overall nutrition and keep your strength to manage any side effects. This can mean incorporating more protein and calories. There may be times when you need to include foods such as eggs, fish, cheese, and low fat milk to help with protein intake. Your nutrition can be affected if you start to experience eating problems, such as losing your appetite, dealing with any trouble swallowing, or nausea. When and if this issue arises, a dietician can help make any changes along your journey. If you’re preparing to start treatment, making mindful, balanced food choices can lower your chances of infection. Not to mention that you’ll have a greater chance of consistently receiving treatment without having to stop. Also, purchasing foods that require minimal or no preparation can help on those days when you may not be feeling your best. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor, nurse, or dietician about what to expect.

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