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Trigger Finger – Hand Therapist

February 24, 2021


Many treatments have been developed for trigger finger. Both in my practice and in the literature, trigger finger injections are by far the most effective non-surgical method. However, many patients want to try a completely noninvasive treatment first. For these patients, I refer them to a hand therapist. They are the therapist who makes a custom trigger finger splint. The theory behind the splint is that it keeps the tendon within the tunnel helping to exert pressure on the tendon. This pressure helps to squeeze out the swelling, making the tendon smaller and easier to guide. The tendon will also observe pressure on the tunnel and trying to stretch out the tunnel. These splints can be cumbersome though, and I haven't had much success with them. Additionally, the therapist will go over trigger finger exercises, that aim mostly at keeping the finger supple.

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