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UTI – Sepsis and Causes

March 28, 2021


Infection can spread from the kidneys into the blood quickly. So the main concern when you go home is that the kidney infection could spread to the blood and cause sepsis. Be on the lookout for the following symptoms: no improvement in 48 hours, high fever or high heart rate that does not improve with medicine, lightheadedness or confusion, inability to drink or take your medicine. Any of these symptoms should prompt a return to the emergency department or a call to your primary care team. Pyelonephritis or kidney infections always need to have follow-up appointments with the primary doctor within the next several days. If you cannot arrange for a follow-up appointment with your doctor, go back to the ER for a recheck. Urinary infections are most often caused by bacteria found in stool or on the skin. Keep the entrance to the urethra clean. Urinate after sexual intercourse. And seek medical care as soon as you have symptoms. Cranberry juice and cranberry extract have both been shown to reduce the frequency of urinary infections, but these are not cures.

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