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Vaginal Dryness – Lubrication

February 24, 2021


Vaginal lubrication is important for sexual arousal. So as a woman becomes stimulated and aroused, there's increased blood flow down into the genital area. When this occurs, there's engorgement of the genital tissue, of the labia, of the clitoris, the erectile tissue around the urethra. This leads to increased lubrication. Lubrication is basically a transudate of fluid of plasma through the epithelial linings in the vagina. There's other things that contribute to vaginal lubrication, of Skenes glands, of Bartholin's glands and cervical mucus all contribute to it. But the main contributor is related to blood flow and transudative fluid across the epithelial lining. So if a woman is not becoming adequately lubricated, she's not going to become adequately aroused. If a woman is not adequately aroused, it's going to impact A. Her ability to have orgasm and B. Her desire to have sex. So while low sexual arousal or decreased vaginal lubrication is not directly a cause of low sexual desire, it is a secondary cause because if you're having vaginal dryness and it hurts, you're not going to want to have sex.

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