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Vasectomy – Procedure

February 17, 2021


The vasectomy procedure is fairly quick, virtually pain-free and straightforward. Some providers will give you an anti-anxiety medication to take an half hour to an hour before the procedure. When you arrive, you'll go into the examination room or the procedure room, you'll lay down and undress from the waist down. The provider will them numb the area with some lidocaine. That part feels similar to a bee sting. Depending on the technique, one to two small cuts or a small puncture if a scalpel free vasectomy is performed will be made in the skin of the scrotum. From the point forward of the numbing medication, you won't feel any pain. You'll feel some manipulation and pressure, but no pain. What the surgeon is doing is lifting up the vas deferens on each side, dividing the vast deferens, controlling the ends of the vast deferens using various different techniques. Some sutures, some [?], some clips, some use ties, all accomplishing the same eventual goal of separating the two ends of the vas deferens. The skin is closed sometimes with a small stitch or some skin glue, and the procedure is complete.

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