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Ventricular Tachycardia – Diagnosis

December 27, 2021


Well, if you are experiencing symptoms that are consistent with ventricular tachycardia, like palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, and passing out, you’ll most likely end up in the emergency room. When you get to the emergency room, the first test that the doctors would wanna perform is a rhythm strip, to see what kind of rhythm that you’re in. And when they do this rhythm strip and they determine that you are in ventricular tachycardia, then they will aggressively try to get you out of this abnormal rhythm. A couple of things that can be done include, one: Defibrillating or shocking the heart into a normal rhythm, which is done when you are unstable. But if you are stable, the doctor can start out with IV medications to help get you out of this abnormal rhythm.

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