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Warts – Treatment Options

December 13, 2021


Treatment of warts can be overseen by a primary care physician or a dermatologist. A common treatment is wart removal, which is done by paring down the wart each night and applying salicylic acid and applying tape over the wart. This should reduce its size. In-office treatment usually involves cryotherapy. For this treatment, a doctor freezes the wart by using a cold spray of liquid nitrogen. And this is done every three to four weeks. It often takes multiple visits to completely eliminate the wart. And this treatment can be painful. That’s why you may be better off treating your warts at home, if they are small and not bothersome. If you have an immune system that’s compromised, your doctor may opt for immunotherapy. This trains your immune system to recognize and fight off the HPV causing warts. This therapy can take months before it’s successful. Another option if the warts are located in one area and there are not many of them is surgery. For example, if you have one large wart on your elbow, surgery might be the best option. You may also opt for laser therapy, but keep in mind that successful treatment can take many months.

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